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"D’Angelo has been a tremendous help. I feel he gave me the tools to better support my son. He was available when I needed and, he’s been very supportive with everything.”

School Staff

“The activities and practices D’Angelo gave to me to support the student when he was not around was the most helpful.”

Pink Sand


“His knowledge and skill in both a therapeutic and resource level has been the most useful to me and my family. I am forever grateful.”

Pink Sand


“I appreciated D’Angelo‘s ability to build rapport with our child. He was the first social services or mental health provider to really understand and connect with our child and make them feel safe and heard.”


Client Family

“D’Angelo has been super supportive, understanding, and encouraging through the whole process. His attitude and demeanor are exemplary. He is an asset, not only to your organization, but to our family.”


“The ease of contact, helpful resources, and experienced neurodivergent staff was neurodiversity affirming and helpful.”

“D’Angelo, you rock! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for my family. Thanks for the spoons!”


Some things about D'Angelo


dog lover, retired skater, rebel, and all-around creative type.

Special Interests

 synthesizers, Legos, gaming and board games, extreme weather, volcanoes, the ocean, space, Nerf, graphic novels, animals, art, music, learning new things, and true crime.


Alternative to the Medical Model

Each choice we made when creating this model was intentional. We want to provide flexible and adaptable support services that consider the individual need vs. presumed general needs.

I’ve worked in mainstream spaces for many years. I’ve been credentialed with all major insurance companies. It was a conscious choice to leave that system and instead offer an alternative accessible, competent, and reliable support service.


This is actually me, with my "resting intense face"

We can’t talk about accessibility without acknowledging the privilege of being able to access private pay services. With that in mind, we hope to be able to create a system to fund community members who would otherwise not have access in the future.

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