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Service Agreement


All services are paid in advance through the website. All services are private pay or HSA Payment.

We do not accept medical insurance.

Bulk packages are offered at a discounted price. All sales are final.


Cancellations are preferably made prior to 9am the day of service in order to avoid a late cancellation fee. A late cancellation fee will be charged via an invoice in the amount of $50.00 for late cancellations or no shows. The first late cancellation or show, the late cancellation fee will be waived or in cases of emergency. Client cancellations result in a credit/rescheduled appointment. Therapist cancellations for any reason result in a credited reschedule. There are no penalties for rescheduling/cancelling appointments. All credited cancellations must be rescheduled within 90 days, or the credited session expires. Clients who use mobile services may elect to change service to online service for any reason or reschedule in situations where inclement weather create unsafe road conditions or illness prevents meeting in person.

Services offered: 

Coaching, mentoring, counseling, and consultation. All services are tailored to meet client specific needs for individuals ages 12 to adult, consideration on a case by case basis for youth under 12 years of age.

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Location of Service

Services are provided online, in the community, at home, at work, or at school. Clients coordinate the location and assume responsibility for reserving space or gaining approval for use of space, when required. Note, in-home services are unavailable for active in-home domestic violence related issues. Clients are responsible for ensuring the location of service is safe. Any firearms should be secure and not present during service delivery. Any illegal activity or use of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited during service visits. Fulcrum All-Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC reserves the right to discontinue or refuse service without credit or refund if there are illegal activities or if the environment is unsafe. Any pets that have challenging behavior (aggression) with guests should be secured prior to and during the service delivery.

Clients under 17 years of age

Anadult must be present for the first appointment. Parents must also be on location or nearby and easily reachable for all in person services in the community or at home.

Service Area

Fulcrum All-Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC., serve the Madison, WI and closely surrounding area. Online services are available to anyone residing in the state of Wisconsin. Coaching, mentoring, or peer support is available online to any location in the United States.

Length of Sessions:

All mobile sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Online appointments are 55 minutes in length.

Note, when scheduling, all mobile appointments are scheduled in a two-hour block to ensure travel and transition time for the therapist. For example, if you schedule at 9 am – 11 am block, your appointment begins at 9 am and ends at 10 am. The second hour includes my own transition/sensory breaks and travel time to the next appointment. Go self-care!


Upon purchasing a package, you will be directed to create a member profile. Using your sign in credentials, you can access your member profile at any time. Your member profile page provides an overview of your purchases, messages, or scheduled appointments. You can book appointments directly through your purchased package or schedule directly with D’Angelo.


Fulcrum All Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC., observe privacy and confidentiality practices. We do not share your information without formal written consent. Please consider your privacy comfort level when determining the location (community, office, home, etc.) where you would like to receive services. Fulcrum All Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC., is not responsible for any privacy issues resulting from meeting in public spaces.


Mandated Reporting

FulcrumAll Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC., adhere to the confidentiality standards set by the licensing board for Licensed Professional Counselors. Mandated reporting is required when a risk of harm to self or others is indicated. Any illegal activity involving minors is required to be reported.


D’Angelo is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) through the Wisconsin Department of  Safety and Professional Services. Proof of Licensure is available upon request.

Licensure # 7345-125


Fulcrum All-Terrain Therapeutic Services, LLC., maintains current liability insurance. Proof of liability insurance is available upon request.

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